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Before the consultation

When you make an appointment with us, you will receive a confirmation email containing a digital intake form. Here you fill in information about your destination, the duration of the trip and the activities you have planned during the trip. You will also be asked about your health and any medication you are taking. The travel nurse will prepare vaccination and malaria advice for you based on the information.

During the consultation

The vaccination and malaria advice will be discussed with you on the day of the consultation. You will immediately receive the recommended vaccinations and, if necessary, a prescription for malaria prophylaxis will be issued. You can buy the prophylaxis at your own pharmacy after the consultation. Of course there is time during the appointment to ask your questions. If there are children with us, we take the time for them.

Follow-up consultation?

If necessary, a follow-up appointment will be made. To prevent some travel illnesses, a repeat vaccination is necessary. At the checkout you only pay for the consultation and the vaccinations/prescriptions that you have received at that time. A possible follow-up appointment will therefore not yet be charged.