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Contents of the travel pharmacy

  • a standard first aid kit
  • painkillers (e.g. paracetamol or aspirin)
  • ORS (oral rehydration salts) for replenishing salt and fluids after suffering from diarrhoea
  • an anti-diarrhoea drug for short-term use
  • anti-malaria tablets (if appropriate)
  • sun cream
  • disinfectant (e.g. iodine)
  • sterile injection equipment
  • condoms
  • travel sickness tablets
  • antibiotics


If you are on medication please remember the following:

  • Take enough medicine with you. Ask your doctor for sufficient medication for your entire trip.
  • Carry medicines in your hand luggage so that you have them with you even if your main baggage goes astray.
  • You can get a “medication passport” from your pharmacy. This document lists all your medications and will make it much easier for you to get medicine whilst abroad in the event that you lose what you have or discover that you do not have enough.
  • Do remember that not all drugs purchased abroad are reliable and some may even be unsafe. It is much better to take your own medicine with you and not to buy any whilst abroad since you cannot know for sure what it is you are getting.