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Travel and Health

Before the trip

If you are travelling to a (sub) tropical country then good preparation can help prevent m...

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During the trip

You can avoid a lot of inconvenience during your trip. In some countries, hygiene is often...

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After the trip

Someone returning from a trip to a (sub) tropical country may have health problems resulti...

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COVID-19 test for travelers

Your country of destination may ask for a corona statement. This can be your vaccination certificate, a recovery certificate or a COVID-19 PCR test. Travel Clinic Erasmus MC provides a COVID-19 PCR test.

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Een coronatest wordt in het lab geannalyseerd

Travel pharmacy checklist

It is recommended to take a medical travel kit with you so that you are well prepared during your trip abroad. Not all first aid items and basic medicines are easily available in every country.

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Reiziger doet EHBO-kit in de koffer