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Collaboration with infectiologists

We are there at every moment of your journey. For this we work closely with the internist-infectiologists of Erasmus MC.

Before the trip

For example, in addition to our regular traveler consultation hour, there is a Consultation for travellers with special needs. This takes place at the infectiologist in the hospital. Travelers with a chronic condition or illness receive personal advice about vaccinations in combination with the condition / medication. And about measures that can be taken before, during and after the trip to limit risks. After the consultation, you will usually receive the recommended vaccinations at the Travel Clinic the same day.

During the trip

If you incur something during the trip, it is recommended that you first contact your travel insurance in case of urgent questions. Medical questions will be referred to the GP. For questions without urgency, you will find extensive information about traveler's diseases on our website. If this does not answer your question, you can send an email to the infectiologists. They try to answer the question within 48 hours.

After the trip

Do you return from holiday with a fever, diarrhoea, skin rash and/or cough, or do you develop complaints shortly after your return? Then go to the doctor on time. The complaints can be an expression of a (serious) infectious disease. Your GP can assess whether further investigation is necessary and refer you to ourĀ Tropenpolikliniek. If you need immediate care, the general practitioner will send you to the emergency department of Erasmus MC.