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For some diseases, treatment in a specialised hospital or clinic is needed, however most complaints can be treated by your own doctor. Your doctor can also refer the you for tests for tropical diseases. It is important, therefore, to inform your doctor about which countries you have visited, when you returned, which vaccinations you had and whether or not you have taken anti-malaria tablets. In the case of persistent and/or severe symptoms, your doctor can refer you to the tropical diseases clinic at the Erasmus MC.

After the trip

If you are unfortunately ill on your return from a trip to a tropical country or you develop symptoms within 14 days of your return ask your doctor to refer you to the Erasmus MC tropical outpatient clinic.

The tropical outpatient clinic and the Accident and Emergency Department can both assess patients where a tropical disease is suspected.  The diagnosis is usually made within one day and, if appropriate, treatment can be arranged.

Your doctor can contact the tropical diseases clinic to make an appointment at the Erasmus MC directly on: 06 50 03 19 73.

Contact your doctor immediately if you have a high fever or urgent medical problems. He or she can arrange an emergency referral if necessary.